Console OS Run Android On Windows Computer or Tablet

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Console OS is a Kickstarter project and currently, it has received more than $13,000 worth of pledges from 2,000 backers with less than sixty days to go. It’s a fully customized OS that runs stand-alone or part of a dual OS-based computing environment. It means users can choose between a dual OS-based system or just the Console OS. Since it runs on Intel x86 architecture performance therefore is assured as the Android toggles with Windows on a tablet or PC.

It is easy to install and automatically dual-boots with the latest Windows 8.1. It has full Android KitKat compatibility and can run Android apps side by side. It’s a native Android program with the developers aiming to give PC and tablet users the benefit of having a dual OS-based device. The Console OS also packs built-in features such as WindowFlinger, Console Remote Access, Built-in Media, Console Maps Pro and InstaSwitch.

It is desktop-friendly along with the Menus, Buttons and User Interface as it can toggle from Windows UI to Pure Android UI. And toggling means a user can play a game in Android while finishing a document in Microsoft Word as an example. While it supports a lot of devices, others left out will soon be included after coordination with the community and by way of OEM backing. Minimum pledge is $10 which entitles a copy of the Console OS Pro software.

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