Convert Any TV Into A Smart TV

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In any business, perseverance is one of the key factors. That is what Infinitec is showing now by coming up with another product after its huge aspirations for another product has taken an unexpected turn. That was back in 2010 when their idea of a USB based adhoc streaming tanked. The main story now, aside from their determination to bounce back is the new ambitious device they call Pocket TV. What they claim it can do is turn any TV into a smart TV.  Well, not really any TV but post analog-era TV; one with USB and HDMI slots where you can plug this device to turn your television into a net TV complete with some net browsing, accessing cloud uploaded files and logging in to Skype. Powered by Android ICS, this dongle also comes packaged with a gyro-equipped keyboard remote that can be controlled with hand motions. Backed up by Kickstarter, the guys at Infinitec clearly sought different ways to get their ideas up into mainstream market. While this is not really a unique idea, the interesting angle here is about the tech market being populated by talented people that are not afraid to battle it out with giants when it comes to innovation and progressive ideas. Interested parties may pledge at least $99 to get the Pocket TV dongle + IR remote; standard retail price would be over $160.

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