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Nowadays, the trend in technology is to go small and such can be said to a tiny computer known as CuBox. As a background, CuBox is the brains of SolidRun, an Israeli startup company. And to prove that it is small, it measures two (2) inches and weighs just around 3.2 ounces. 

The new CuBox Pro features an 800 megahertz (MHz) dual issue ARM PJ4 processor which utilizes the ARM v7 chip design and processes codes at 32 bit. It is powered by a 2GB onboard DDR3 RAM. The machine does not use any fan and has the Marvell Armada 510 system on a chip (SoC) processor. Moreover, there is an infrared receiver, gigabit Ethernet port, two (2) USB 2.0 ports and a microSD slot. It is also quite flexible as it supports Linux-based software’s (e.g. Ubuntu, Debian, GeeXbox, as well as Google’s Android operating system.

Using a power of just three (3) Watts, CuBox can play videos at full high definition running at 1080p. According to its developers, it is appropriately designed for high-memory, multimedia and running applications (apps). Its intended function includes serving as a home media center, thin client, XBMC console and as a tiny desktop. Those interested can get the CuBox Pro for $159 (BHD 60).

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