CyberPower Gaming PC with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780

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NVIDIA finally released its newest high-end graphics adapter, the GeForce GTX 780, its various OEM partners did the same, and makers of PCs were quick to start accepting orders for configurations involving it.

Now, CyberPower, or CyberPowerPC as it is also known, has introduced the Zeos EVO Storm gaming personal computer.

True, the company has also added the video card to the Fang III and Gamer Xtreme series, among others, but Zeus EVO Storm is a new addition to its lineup, so it gets special mention.

As some may have guessed, Zeus EVO Storm has the best hardware, not just the graphics card.

Haswell isn’t really available yet. That particular series of CPUs is still about two weeks away, as is the accompanying Z87 motherboard lineup.

As such, CyberPowerPC chose the X79 chipset instead, along with high-end, Core i7 Sandy Bridge-E CPUs (Extreme Edition Core i7 as it were).

The GTX 780 can come alone, or in dual-card and triple-card SLI setups. Even quad-SLI configurations can be put together if money isn’t a problem.

Then, there is the Advance Hydro II liquid cooling kit, with its XSPC RayStorm CPU block, high-performance D5 pumps (single or dual pump setups) and redesigned AX radiators with greater surface areas.

Zeus EVO Storm comes in the Corsair Obsidian 900D Case, or the CFI Full-Tower Gaming Case, depending on the chosen configuration.

The starting price is of $1,490 (BHD 570), which is surprisingly very good.

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