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Everyone is into gaming these days & we don’t want to start a debat but PC gaming can be far best than gaming on the best avialable console in the market. If your looking to buy a new gaming rig coming year? CyberPowerPC has announced the launch of the Fang 3 – the third generation of its desktop gaming PC series. Adding four new models to the Fang lineup (Rattler, Viper, Cobra and Black Mamba), the computers are designed to run all the latest games without breaking a sweat.
The Fang 3 computers will feature 2nd Generation Intel Extreme Core I processors, the latest Intel Chipsets that support dual channel and quad channel memory, PCIe 3.0 motherboard support, CyberPowerPC’s Advanced hydro liquid cooling, Venom Boost overclocking and gaming cases. Prices for the Fang 3 series computers range from under $999 for the entry-level Rattler all the way to $4999 for the top-of-the-line Black Mamba.

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