DDR4 RAM revealed by JEDEC

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Computers enthusiasts have a reason to be happy as the final specification for DDR4 DRAM was finally revealed. We have to commend the guys over at JEDEC Solid State Technology Association for finalizing the specs. 

The DDR4 RAM will hold a new process that reads, writes and refreshes data efficiently. Moreover, its improved throughput beefs up application performance. It is expected to be used in servers, PC and mobile devices. With DDR4, transfer speed is seen to be at 3.2 gigatransfers per second which is double the speed compared to DDR3. 

It will also consume 1.2 volts of power which is lower compared to the 1.5 volts of DDR3. As for bus speed, it is in the figure of 2133MHz which is definitely a huge improvement compared to the 1333 and 1666MHz for DDR3 Companies such as Samsung, Micron and Nanya which are considered top DRAM makers have already started to ship test units of the memory.

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