Dell M110 Ultra Mobile Projector

Dell announced its “portable media hub for home and office”, the Dell M110 Ultra Mobile Projector. It will scales at a mere 0.8 lbs, where it will fit into the palm of your hand in a jiffy. Just like how mom used to tell you, do not judge a book by its cover – so the same goes for the Dell M110, don’t let the overall diminutive form factor fool you, as the Dell M110 Ultra Mobile Projector packs more than what meets the eye. It will come with VGA, HDMI and USB inputs, and there is also an optional wireless dongle so that you can hook it up to a notebook or smartphone sans wires.

1GB of internal flash memory is further augmented with a microSD memory card slot. Dell claims this works even in bright, ambient-light environments, so we will take their word for it at the moment. The LED lamp needs no replacement for up to 20,000 hours.

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