Dell Project Ophelia "Gets Android on your TV"

After all these years, Dell is still capable of surprising not only its fans but also the market. Its cloud-based service called Dell Wyse is currently focusing on user security. 

On the other hand, it also believes that lugging around a heavy laptop is not very much practical at this day and age. With this, it has taken on the Project Ophelia which is actually a very portable Android stick which is capable of using any monitor or HDTV as a display screen. 

The official press release even promises that the device will be easily kept inside a user’s pocket. Other features of the Project Ophelia include gaming, typing or note-taking and displaying presentations. The company is probably still trying to iron out some of flaws . As for availability, Dell is set to release the device during the first or second quarter of 2013. Pricing has yet to be announced.

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