Dell Vostro 360: Specs with Core i7

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Dell is presenting its unique Vostro 360, an all-in-one desktop that guarantees ultimate PC satisfaction and experience.

The Dell Vostro 360 package sports an Intel H61 Express Chipset that supports both Pentium Dual Core processor and Intel Core i3, i5 or i7. There’s a max 8Mb total cache and on-board supported Intel HD / HD2000 / HD 3000 Graphics including NVIDIA GeForce GT525M GPU. With all these varied supports, it is undeniably an all-in-one computer as its best.

Other spec features: 8Gb of memory, a touchscreen option, built-in camera and a stylish form factor. An online image of the gadget reveals 10 features that contribute to its all-in-one desktop label. The leaked info doesn’t cover other important details including pricing. The online PDF manuals provide instructions on support installations and configuration settings. The product looks similar to Del’s Inspiron One desktop with its build platform convincingly familiar. Generally, it can be referred to as the Multi-Touch All-in-One Desktop due to its large screen and multi-touch functionality.

Price and release details will be announced soon.

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