Dell Wireless Charging Technology: Find out more

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Thanks to Nokia and some other cell phone pioneers wireless charging on mobile devices is now possible. Dell, one of the leading PC original equipment manufacturer (OEM), has joined the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) along with over 80 top companies such as Fujitsu, HTC, Intel, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and more.

It is the very first time a large PC OEM company has joined A4WP, a non-for-profit organization. This company creates an initiative to standardize wireless power transfer using a magnetic resonance technology, and is branded as “Rezence“. Though this technology is nothing new to mobile devices, but Dell intends to include this feature to their array of mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. It is something to look forward to as it aims utmost satisfaction for its potential users.

A4WP aims to include a high power technology so charging of a device can be between 20 to 50 watts. This feature is visible in Ultrabooks, mid powered appliances, and laptops. It brings Rezence closer to businesses and homes, especially for the next generation.

With Rezence, Dell aims to promote easy, flexible wireless charging on all its innovated mobile devices. It also includes wireless charging for multiple devices, without inserting power cords on the gadgets. The user just has to leave his device on a charging surface without worries for accurate alignment or positioning.

A4WP is said to demonstrate this Rezence technology at the 2014 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on the 24th to the 27th February.

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