Dell Wyse HDMI Dongle: connect you via Cloud to your Home & Office

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Dell has a new HDMI dongle that can turn every screen into a desktop computing device. The Wyse Cloud Connect works with any MHL port- or HDMI- ready display or TV while connecting via a mini-USB or Bluetooth to a keyboard or a mouse. It also provides additional storage of 32 GB through its microSD slot. Users will be given access to any virtual environment that uses Android, Windows or even Mac systems through a remote client.

The size of the dongle is almost the same as that of Apple TV remote and slightly bigger than a flash drive (standard). A monitor is converted into an Android device once the dongle is plugged in allowing its user to access all compatible apps. It’s been preloaded with Dell Wyse PocketCloud software that allows for accessing apps and virtual or physical desktops. It has a dual-band WiFi while the Bluetooth functionality is intended for connectivity to any cordless keyboard or mouse.

There is no more need for a battery or even a power cord since the MHL interface of a separate USB port provides the power for the dongle. The Cloud Connect can be easily slipped into a bag or a pocket and is ideal for presentations or after-work activities such as checking email or surfing the web. For those interested, The Wyse Cloud Connect dongle is now available for $ 130 (BHD 50).

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