Dre PowerBeats 2 Waterproof headphones

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Powerbeats 2 Wireless is the latest product to be introduced by Beats Electronics, an audio company engaged in producing earbuds and speakers. The company is known for its signature sound and innovative headphones promoted by celebrities and sport figures. The wireless earbud is provided with a LED that informs its user that power is already low or gives a warning in advance of an impending drain in power.

Beats is known for its notoriously heavy headphones but the company is devising ways to reduce such weight as much as possible. It has a part that blends with the upper area of the ear that is bendable and adjustable. Although wireless with regards to the earbuds and a compatible device, both earbuds are connected by a cable running between them. It is comfortable to wear with a secure fit in a lightweight and compact fashion.

Powerbeats 2 is available in red, black and white with a tag price of $199.95 available online or in retail stores worldwide this July. It’s Bluetooth-connected with a non-stop playback for at least six hours. Its battery is fully rechargeable and it’s also both water and sweat resistance. The company president calls it an intersection of music and sports.

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