Earth like Planet found, Gliese 832C, 16-Light Years away

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Scientists have found a new planet believed to be the closest one from Earth at 16-light years away. Its name is Gliese 832 c and its year is only 16 days compared to our planet’s 365 days. It’s also close to its red dwarf sun which means the planet only receives less energy from it. However, scientists used an ESI or Earth Similarity Index to gauge the heat energy received by the planet which is estimated to be 0.81 compared to Earth’s 1.0.

The planet has a large size capable of exerting gravity enough to trap an atmosphere ideal for a greenhouse effect but with a troubling climate similar to that of Venus. In fact, they estimate its gravity to be five times because of the size (which is also five times) and yet the short year would be hard to deal with especially among humans since it means the planet rotates around its sun at a rapid rate.

It cannot be determined with certainty whether Gliese 832 c can support life despite the resemblance in atmosphere and gravity, among others although this would actually depend on how humans adapt to a “short-year”. Therefore, it remains to be seen whether the planet is totally habitable or not and the Australian astronomers who discovered it will need a more thorough study.

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