Eco Pod: Waterproof iPhone Case

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The water and dirt-immune case helps guard the device within from the destructive effects of waters and filthy substances. With this unique protective gear, swimming with a tech device on hand will never be the same again. Grace Digital Inc. of California is a well known company that provides tech solutions and accessories including outdoor audio. It also shields the iPhone from undesirable consequences brought about by rainstorms, beach sand, water drops and floods.

Eco Pod guarantees the continued use of an iDevice amidst turbulent environment so that stored messages and emails, contacts as well as videos and music remain intact and usable. Accessing facebook and twitter accounts is even possible while cruising the waterworld. The protective casing is essentially of polycarbonate type that withstands any impact associated with dropping or spilling. Other features are: a clear front panel, a carabineer clip for backpack hook-up, an internal storage designed for keys, credit cards, MP3 players and cash.

It comes with a water-proof earbud all for a $50 (BHD 19) price tag. An Eco Clip for bike connectivity is sold separately.

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