Ectaco iTRAVL (Your Talking Travel Companion)

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Not since the days of the Grand Tour taken at the turn of the last century has travel to numerous countries on a single trip been so popular. Part of the reason lies in the fact that travel budgets have been reduced so that making the most out of any trip you take now makes good financial sense. But having the language skills necessary to communicate freely in the countries you need or want to visit is another matter entirely.

Now, thanks to the Ectaco iTRAVL, a remarkable new award-winning travel handheld, everyone has instant access to the resources needed to travel in comfort and style. Using an advanced combination of native-speaker voice narration, advanced speech recognition and speech synthesis, iTRAVL understands and speaks up to several million words and phrases instantly to save precious time when seconds really count.

Perfect for use in hotels, restaurants and shops, on the street when asking for directions, iTRAVL delivers the detailed facts you need and includes a translating Dictionary, Talking PhraseBook and Travel Guides to put the power of complete understanding to work for you. 

But iTRAVL isn’t only great on the road, it even lets you increase your knowledge of foreign languages before and after your trip with a built-in Language Teacher system that uses speech recognition modules and learning games to let you speak like a local in no time at all. An Mp3 player for your favorite audio files and AudioBooks lets iTRAVL inform and entertain on long journeys. And with a talking calculator to perform instant currency conversions, you can easily check for the best exchange rates and save money while having the time of your life.

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