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Nowadays, it’s not only the teenagers and grown-ups who are capable of making use of the technology around them. Children are growing up around computers, consoles and mobile devices and are already capable of being customers, and some companies are taking advantage of this market. Ematic is one such manufacturer, but while it’s not new in delivering child-friendly gadgets, it’s sprucing up one of said gadgets for “Pro” level, the FunTab Pro. 

Like the FunTab Classic 7″, the Pro version is has a 7-inch screen with an Android Ice Cream Sandwich platform and that child-friendly Zoodles interface to protect kids from the more dangerous parts of the Internet, but it packs a little more power than the older model with almost all specs doubled. The 512MB RAM becomes 1GB DDR3 and the 4GB memory is now 8GB that’s expandable to 32GB through microSD cards. However, the processor is now just 1GHz, a small step down from the Classic’s 1.2GHz clock speed. In addition, its screen resolution is just a meager 800 x 400px, but Ematic claims that it’s capable of playing up to 1080p HD videos. 

The FunTab Pro already carries some apps right out of the box, including Interactive Story Books which allows parents to record themselves reading stories for bedtime, Video Mail which allows the family to send the child short video clips, Art Studio for drawing and a variety of games to play during break time. There’s a treat for the parents in Parent Mode, which unlocks Zoodles and temporarily removes the restrictions in order to use it as a proper tablet. The Ematic FunTab Pro will be available soon at toy stores and other retailers for $149.99 (BHD 60) and comes with three differently-colored faceplates for physical customization.

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