Exercise for 12 Minutes per Week

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For all those lazy (or extremely busy) people out there, here’s some really good news: exercising for just 12 minutes per week can help keep you fit.

True, you probably won’t lose any weight, but specialists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim maintain that this exercise routine will improve both your blood pressure and your glucose levels.

Not to mention the fact that it will increase your oxygen uptake by about 10%.

The only catch is that, when they say “exercise,” these specialists mean high-intensity workouts, and not your otherwise pleasant walk in the park, RedOrbit informs us.

Still, since the 12 minutes of exercise can be broken down into three separate sessions (4 minutes each), things seem a tad more bearable.

“Since we know that more and more people are inactive and overweight, the kind of improvement in physical fitness that we saw in this study may provide a real boost for inactive people who are struggling to find the motivation to exercise,” the researchers say.

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