Facebook Games vs Google Plus Games

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In case you missed the social-media train, you should know Google+ has finally added social-games on its features which you can access unobtrusively with your circles. But the real kicker part comes after, when Facebook adds a bevy of features to its gaming platform (such as Game Ticker, expandable screen mode, etc) just a few hours after G’s announcement. Likewise, you can say these two events are nothing more than a coincidence but we all know, there’s a reason for everything…right?

Going back on Google Plus Games, its still launching in phases — meaning — some users might not see it but its developers promised everyone should be able to access it “soon”. Interestingly, even though the service has only gone for the past 24 hours, Google’s SVP Engineer Vic Gundotra already poked Facebook in the face by announcing “[Google+ Games] won’t be appearing in everyone’s stream” in which we all know games on Facebook are always there on your most recent streams.

The list of games for G+ are still few but very solid spearheaded by Rovio’s Angry Birds, Bejeweled, Bubble Island, Dragon Age Legends, Sudoku, Zynga Poker and 10 more.

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