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It enables users to drag and drop friends’ shapes or photos to the bottom of your page organizing your Facebook list according to your taste. Google Inc. operates Google+, its new social networking service launched on June 28, 2011 in an invite-only phase. Circles’ enables users to group contacts for sharing products and services preferably of the company. The Hack for Facebook was built by four engineers and the friends lists are a little bit messy than Circle’s.

Simply authorize the site once you logged-in then start dragging friends to the circles below your page to organize them into groups which can be done singly or multiple select modes. The upper portion of the page is the contact cards of existing friends with names and profile pictures, while the lower portion contains the space for creating circles. After organizing a circle, rename it by clicking “create list” and try the new app by restarting Facebook.

Some limitations include: a friend cannot be removed once added in the circle; organizing to smaller lists is harder in official FB causing a problem in Circle Hack; and it cannot be used in customizing privacy settings for individual protection.

Find out more details in their official website.

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