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Those who love social networking Facebook a little too much may be pleased to know that there’s something on the Internet that has the potential to satisfy their love for all things Facebook. A new post on Yanko Design, a web-based modern design magazine posted a bunch of images made by one Michal Bonikowski detailing a Facebook phone concept. 

The phone has a 4.2-inch touchscreen on its blue metal casing, the same kind of recognizable blue on Facebook’s layouts. The site’s logo can be seen on it as well, and nothing else. It’s also said to have two cameras, a front-facing 5MP shooter and an 8MP camera in the rear. A white docking station is also thrown in, also bearing the Facebook name, and powers up the phone with inductive charging, something that isn’t common when it comes to smartphones. Unfortunately for fans, there are slim chances of this phone actually being manufactured and released, considering it’s just a concept made by an engineer and not an actual product. 
It does look good, but it might not come true. This is not the first bit of news concerning a phone by the networking company, and probably wont be the last. In fact, Facebook is no stranger to this kind of speculation, one of the more popular rumors being that it’s working with HTC to create a device dubbed “Buffy”, which is a nod to the 90′s TV show. Only time will tell if these rumors are true and Facebook is planning on jumping into the mobile device category as well, or if these are just products of wishful thinking.

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