Fastest Internet in Bahrain & Unlimited Download

VIVA Internet

What’s in it for you?
Fastest Internet in Bahrain

Now connect to the internet at the highest speed in Bahrain up to 21.1 Mbps.

Unlimited Data

Enjoy surfing the net anywhere, at anytime and download as much as you want. Live every moment.
Free USB Modem
Get a free USB modem once you subscribe to VIVA Broadband with a yearly contract.

Choose from various customized designs that suit your taste; choose either a Regular VIVA modem, a Women modem or a Formula 1 Limited Edition modem. Please click here for pictures of USB modems

Easy to Install
Connect with one click to the internet. There is no need for any configuration or setup.

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  1. I have got VIVA BAHRAIN its crap my PING is always more then 125 BATELCO less speed 4GB but my PING on it is 28 VIVA told me that my BROADBAND IS Unlimited Usage and its not true its LIMITED only 60GB per month then .512 VIVA told me that my speed will be UP TO 42 MBPS and i never reach 5GB , I USE the internet for online games BATELCO maybe give you LESS SPEED but its STABLE and by the end its both the same amount of money you pay every month GOOD LUCK GUYS