FIFA 14 Ultimate Team arrives for web on 15th September

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The development team at EA Sports announces that it will launch the web-based Ultimate Team game mode for FIFA 14 on September 15 this year, almost two weeks before the full game becomes available to the public.

The official Twitter account of the company states, “Get ready, FUTers: early access to the #FUT14 Web App begins Sept. 15th. More details soon.”

It’s unclear exactly how much of the game will be offered via the web application and how it will interact with the versions of the mode included in the full game.

In 2012, the FIFA Ultimate Team web application was taken down by EA Sports because gamers found and used a number of exploits to boost their performance.

A Legends version of the mode is set to launch exclusively on Microsoft devices.

FIFA 14 will be out on September 24 in North America and three days later in Europe on the PC and current-gen consoles.

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