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google find phone
Google has launched a new online program called “Find My Phone” that searches for Android devices, helps when we misplace our phone or lost them somewhere. It works similar to ADM (Android Device Manager) except that it is easier to use and more “user-friendly”. The ADM often requires a tedious search which is time consuming on the part of a user.

The new system allows users to open an omnibox within Google and type “find my phone” after which a map is displayed showing a phone’s location. They can opt to ring the device if it’s nearby. The simplicity of the program, however, does not allow the locking or even erasing the device’s contents which is available only in ADM. The interesting part is it also works with searching tablets by simply doing the ordinary search query on Google.

The only requirement is to update the Google app to a newer version. The system does not pinpoint the exact location of a device at home but a user can ring it for five minutes to be able to find it.

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