Firefox 8 can block "uninvited" apps

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Mozilla company said in a blog post about the new opportunities that will appear in its Firefox web browser 8. This browser is expected to reach the phase of Aurora next week, August 16, and the final version is expected to appear on November 8. This logical step to accelerate the browser developers have taken shortly after the Mozilla introducedrestrictionsFirefox add-ons for deceleration.

According to the developers, Firefox addons block 8 to learn (supplement), which are automatically installed in the browser-party programs. It is understandable that this could threaten the security of the system, since this way you can install anything. When you turn on Firefox detects installed third-party program addition, the browser will disable it until the moment when the user does not approve this installation consciously. To do this, will see the box asking whether you can install this supplement.

Also there will be an opportunity to correct “past mistakes”, because often the user does not know what his ponastavleno in your browser. After updating Firefox to version 8 browser to start automatically disable add-ons installed third-party applications and the user will have to include them manually. That is, after installing the update Firefox, will display a window with a list of installed plugins. In this list, add, set by the user in a browser will be enabled by default and add-ons installed third-party applications are disabled by default. The user will need to set a checkmark in the desired position manually, if they do not, and thus confirm your choice. The selected add-on activated, but not selected and begin work.

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