Flappy Birds is back with Flappy Birds Family

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Flappy Birds creator Dong Nguyen made good on his promise to bring back the addictive but this time, it’ll drag less stress and more enjoyment rather than deciding to smash your device.

The new iteration is called Flappy Birds Family, but the game will not toss in new playable characters. Rather, Nguyen and the rest of the .Gears gang decided to go with multiplayer mode. The game’s description depicts that Flappy Birds Family will offer “person vs person mode, more obstacles, more fun and still very hard.” The first two are novel, nonetheless, but we can all relate to the third description hands down.

Flappy Birds Family is currently available for free on Amazon App Store for Android, although the game has yet to touchdown on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. Likewise, the game is compatible with the e-commerce’s Fire TV and supports its remote control alongside its video game controller. The new game will also enable players to push a button rather than tapping on the screen just like the original version.

Considering that this is a revamp, the Family version will include more levels plus floating ghosts that will serve as additional obstacles for your bird to maneuver.

Nguyen’s decision to discontinue the game following its debut on the iOS platform last 2013 was due to the game’s addictive ambiance, where the creator described it to be a problem. Even though Angry Birds made “tens of thousands of dollars a day” from advertising, he slammed the game in February, which was then available on Google Play because of emotional distress and sleepless nights.

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