Foremay 2TB SSD HDD

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Now days the need for more computer storage space has been increasing by the day. People need to have more space to save for files. As of the moment, getting such storage spaces is very much easy provided that people do not also hesitate in getting large PCI Express cards for themselves.

On the other hand, Foremay would like to give the market another option with its new product. The company would like to present the world with its portable SSD. It was unveiled its TC166 as well as SC199 drives which are actually 2.5-inches SATA enclosures which has a whopping 2TB of flash memory.

Both products only have a width of about 9.5mm and can easily be placed is cramped places which needs more storage space. The company said that the TC166 is designed only for end users while SC199 is mainly for the use of industrial companies. If you are already interested in getting your hands on the new products, you might want to wait a little since the company has yet to give out more details. Although the outside design looks very good, we have yet to get news about how the product performs when tested.

Also, Foremay has been keeping quite about the pricing and availability of the product so there is a probability for some changes.

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