Future Blackberry Devices To Detect Emotions

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Blackberry really wants to become quite big in the messaging industry. The phone maker giant RIM has filed a patent describing a translation method where emotions of texters will reflect through the message sent. The phone will be able to identify the kind of emotion that the users have with the use of biometric sensors. Some of which are identified as an accelerometer or a Galvanic skin sensor which takes heart rate and blood pressure into consideration. One other component of the patent is the use of a front-facing camera which would be able to see the face of the user in order to identify the person’s feelings. Others speculate that a non-emotional text will be converted into quite an emotional one by the phone depending on your emotions. This will be done through capitalization and changing of colors of the letters. 

We do need to take into consideration that the patent was only filed and no results have come out as of the moment. We admit that the idea is quite interesting but we are really in no position to say what the government will say. For now, we can just wait and patiently see whether something good will come out of all of these.

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