Garmin Fenix GPS Watch

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If you’re more of an outdoors type of person, then this new watch from Garmin might be the perfect gadget for you. Meet the Fenix outdoor wrist watch, Garmin’s first GPS-enabled watch for hikers, mountaineers, cyclists, hunters, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. Fenix is equipped with high tech navigational tools that allow you to plan your trips, record waypoints, create routes, and record your trails via a tracklog. The watch’s TracBack function allows you to go back to a previously recorded tracklog so you can have the peace of mind of never getting lost because you can always find your way back. Fenix also has a worldwide basemap display that tells you where nearby cities are. It also has ANT and Bluetooth capabilities so you can share your tracks to your friends and family or send maps to your smartphone or tablet using a Basecamp mobile app for a bigger and more detailed display of your map. Fenix also has sensors including an altimeter, barometer, and compass (ABC). The watch can also automatically set the time based on your location as well as auto-calibrate its ABC using its GPS receiver. As with Garmin’s other watches, Fenix also monitors data such as pace time, distance, and calories so you can get real-time feedback on our everyday progress. It is also compatible with Garmin’s heart rate monitor so you can monitor your pulse anytime. If you’re planning to go on an adventure sometime soon, maybe you might want to wait for fall since this is when the Fenix is scheduled to hit stores. Oh, and don’t forget your wallet because this watch will fork out $400 (BHD 151).

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