Garmin GLO GPS for Android and iOS

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With the globe-trotting hype, people are getting crazy about maps. We have a lot of companies trying to impress us with all the fancy map apps and updates. On the other hand, we must admit that there have been a number of times when we stare into space and feel lost due to slow location update. Fortunately for everyone, the people in Garmin would like to make our lives a bit more interesting. The company has apparently found a way to solve the lingering tracking woes with its first GPS and GLONASS-compatible receiver called the Garmin GLO. It is very interesting to note that the new technology is able to connect to smartphones be it having an iOS or an Android. According to tests, the new device is faster in lock-on times by about 20 percent. GLONASS 24 satellites also makes sure that signal pick-up is very much easy despite some rambling down different paths, be it urban or rural. An amazing feature of the device is also its position refresh rate at 10 times per second compare to the usual 1 time per second of the average GPS. If you would like to get the Garmin GLO, then you need only to wait until this August and price of $99 (BHD 37).

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