Garmin nuvifone cellphone

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I seriously doubt I will ever get a Garmin nuvifone cellphone since its pretty fat and I might need to carry a big handbag in order to bring a charger for it too. Sure its got a awesome 3.5″ touchscreen, internet browser, HSDPA, pre-loaded maps of either North America, or Eastern and Western Europe but do they know its BIG? How does Garmin expect me to fit it into my slim Levis 514 ?

Expect it to roll out Q3 2008 with the “millions” of POIs integrated, a Google-powered local search feature, instant reporting of co-ordinates, built in geotagging camera a la Navpix and an integrated media player…..It only gonna collect dust if I get one since I’m still so hooked on my excellent Nokia95 (which also has a GPS)

Ohh….check out the sexy GUI on this sleek phone below. Its so web 2.0

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