Gigabyte X11 Lightest Ultrabook ever

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If the weight of an ultrabook is such an issue, then consumers would be delighted to know about the release of the lightest ultrabook in the world. The X11, Gigabyte’s new flagship ultrabook, is a slim ebony beauty which gives it an overall appeal similar to a MacBook Air. It claims to weigh just over 2 pounds as a result of conquering the so-called “6th Element.”

The X11 uses the “6th Element“ or carbon fiber which gives it its light weight feature and highly strong material. The name itself suggests that it has the size of 11.6 inch x 11. Having given its weight and size, it’s no wonder why it’s considered as the world’s lightest in the market. Gigabyte X11 will sport a highly integrated motherboard, an Ivy Bridge processor, a Bluetooth connectivity of 4.0, two USB ports of 3.0, an SSD of 128GB, a small 35Wh battery.
There will also be a jack for the headset, a card slot for a microSD, a mini Display Port, and a power connector. Looking at it closely, it seems to have borrowed most of its design features from Apple. Still, one would wonder if its lightweight appeal overweighs other issues such as battery life and price tag. Whatever it is, all speculations shall end on the last day of May this year as the product is set to be launched in Taipei.

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