Gmail for you ipod & iphone Touch (Apple is getting more brain into its products).

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I’ve been using the Gmail app on my Nokia N95 for a few months now and
its worked like a charm. There’s been a few network hiccups and
sometimes the interface is slow, so I’ve pretty jeolous that iPhone
and iPod Touch owners are getting a new mobile version of Gmail with
Ajax. Its stated on Google’s blog that this new version has improved
the user interface , include pre-fetchings and auto-complete features.
It will also pre-load your most recent images, cutting down waiting

Auto-complete is another new feature that Google added. Now entering
email addresses is a few key strokes away. According to Google, most
email addresses in your Gmail should be 2 to 3 keystrokes away.

There’s a new software update for the iPhone. The next time you sync
your iPhone with iTunes, your iPhone will be updated to version 1.1.3
of Apple’s software. It has a nice new feature — the built-in Mail app
on the iPhone will now use IMAP to access your Gmail account, rather
than POP, like it used to. IMAP is way better.

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