Gnome OS plans to hit Smartphones & PCs

During the recently concluded Gnome developers convention at GUADEC 2012, developers Juan Jose Sanchez and Xan Lopez have divulged some future development plans for Gnome. These included the release of version 3.12 of the Linux desktop environment dubbed as Gnome 4.0 in March (2014) and a concrete Linux distribution concentrated on Gnome OS as well. Developed by employees from Red Hat, Gnome is a desktop environment which is user-friendly as allows users to easily manipulate and configure their PCs. It includes a set of conventions for easy cooperation and consistency among applications, a set of standard PC tools and applications, a desktop for placing data and applications, and a panel for displaying status and starting applications. Users of other OS or PC environments shouldn’t have trouble to feel comfortable using the compelling graphics-driven environment provided by Gnome. 

There wouldn’t be any huge changes for Gnome 4.0 from past releases. Though Gnome shell and other Gnome applications will have more polished features, the real challenge lies on optimizing the system for touch-enabled gadgets. On the other hand, Gnome OS has plans which are more ambitious. These include a pre-installed Gnome OS in an update tool and hardware and a new installer. To make the platform look more commercialized, there are also plans to include new support services, cloud-based services and an app store. 

If Gnome wants to survive in the fast-paced world of desktops, laptops, and other ‘post-pc’ devices, it has to be more touch-friendly. Gnome OS will be aimed at developers and will refine user experience with its stabilized APIs and SDKs

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