Goldvish Le Million – Most Expensive Mobile Phone…Ever

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Side from being the ghastly mobile phone you’ve ever seen, the item in
the picture is also the most expensive mobile phone ever produced, the
Golfvish Le Million. It retails at a fairly steep 1 million Euros, but
you might have more trouble getting hold of one given that Goldvish
have only made three of them.

But still there is a lot of demand for this piece of art mobile phone.

The phone is made of 18 carat gold, and is adorned with ‘diamonds of
the highest quality’ and still looks like something you’d pull out of
a cracker. I doubt it even works very well.

But I suppose that’s not the point is it?

If you want to have 18 cart gold bar in your pocket or purse this is
your choice.

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