Google Chrome on Windows 8 Metro UI (Beta)

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Google has promised a come-back for the Metro and it kept its promise. It was March when the company announced that they will develop the Chrome to work on the Metro browser. Apparently, during the announcement, the work on Chrome was already underway. They did not disappoint. Now, they have a desktop browse which will be able to run in any Windows 8 on x86 as well as the much anticipated Metro. Unfortunately, Windows RT will not be able to run this particular Chrome since Microsoft only allows Internet Explorer for Windows 8 on ARM processors. 

For those who are using the Release Preview of Windows 8, he next Chrome Dev channel will be released in order for you to use the browser. For those of you who cannot wait to get your hands and test run this particular browser, you will have to wait for quite a little while. News says that it will still take a few months before the market sees the final Chrome. On the other hand, if you want a more efficient touch screen support, and refinements of better overall interface have been done, then we believe it might be well worth the wait. Wouldn’t you agree?

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