Google Chromebox for Video Conference & Online Meetings


A Google Cloud based Chromebox dedicated for meeting was recently announced by Google Product Management Vice President Caesar Sengupta.

The company’s vision to delegate “simpler and better meetings” can now be achieved even your boss is out of the office. The Chromebox for meetings is, well, a conference-friendly Chromebox that marries G+ Hangouts and Apps together with HQ video streaming of your team, your supervisor and everything else in between. It’s safe to say that bringing the team together has never been this easy.

The Chromebox for meetings incorporates an Intel Core i7, an HD camera plus a microphone and speaker bundle and of course, a remote control with a built in keyboard to boot. A user only need to plug the device on your conference room’s TV set, jot in your details via Google management and everything else is as easy as pie.
Moreover, it can handle up to 15 of your officemates in one video meeting setting – whether they’re using their laptops, tablets or even their Smartphones – as long as they have an existing Gmail account, they could instantly join the meeting. Vidyo can likewise be utilized to connect those who still opt to go with the traditional. Telephone, you say? You can still confer with them via an UberConference call number.

The Chromebox for meetings is currently available in the US for $999 (BHD 380) and will include an ASUS Chromebox and the aforementioned components. Also in the works are HP and Dell based Chromebox which the company plans to announce in Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Spain, New Zealand and the UK later this year.