Google Glass Games Now Available

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A number of developers from Google hacked five games for the Google Glass just for the purpose of inspiring other developers. There’s a Clay Shooter that shoots a pigeon through a user’s “bang”, a Balance that keeps some shares from falling, a matching game, a tennis and a Fruit Ninja clone. The games are, of course, seen on the glass’s interface and a user needs to wear to enable a gameplay. The experiment was made to test the features of the wearable gadget and explore other possibilities or opportunities for gaming.

It’s a call directed to other developers as well and they can use the voice invocation feature and the tiny sensors for developing other games. The current games are simple and can be easily turned off if ever a user decides to revert to the full use of the Google Glass. The games and the Glass platform provide the initial environment for any developer who may be keen on creating other mini-games for the glass.

Although Google Glass is not yet widely used, allowing more games to be featured or played on its interface is one way of luring customers to buy the product in the near future. It’s not yet certain for now how developers would react to this indirect invitation but it’s certainly clear that more mini-games make the glass more entertaining.

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