Google Glass UI (Impressive)

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Google recently unveiled a video showing the interface of Glass. For those unaware, it’s a wearable version of a computer that includes all Google apps and its functionality in which the device is easily activated when the user says “Okay, glass”. 

As seen from the clip, upon the device’s activation, the race starts as a display of a hot air balloonist and ballet dancer initialize the recording of video clips. It further shows the process of sending an email, text, capturing photo and video. 

Meanwhile, a view of a stunt plane flyer paves the way for apps as Google hangout. It also initializes the sending of real-time video to other members of the group in the hangout alongside the display of Google+ and other social interaction aspects of the ‘glass’. In addition, the Project Glass shows off an ice sculptor choosing from various perspectives of a tiger for some inspiration as the user commands for Image search function. 

The company’s latest Maps and Now apps is displayed with a scene of lost and confused navigators exploring along New York streets, on the Golden Gate bridge, in an airport, and even in a ski hill. Google Translate is advertised by a tourist learning the meaning of foreign-named meals. And different kinds of sporty people led to the sneak peeks of multifarious You Tube videos. For those- US residents and over age-18-who want to have the initial experience of how it feels to wear a Google-packed computer, here’s the deal. 

You just have to outline- though Twitter or Google+- what you would do if you had such device. Applications need to be up not beyond February 27th and must be less than 50 words and tagged with #ifihadglass. 

The best 8,000 applicants will still have to pre-order their own Glass Explorer Edition ($1,500) / (BHD 570 ) with special pick-up sessions held in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

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