Google Maps gets New Looks: 3D & Offline Maps

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Google has announced its plans to transform your mapping experience with a revolutionized Google Maps. According to Peter Birch, Google Earth’s product manager, the company is “trying to create magic” and to bring you a whole new and more immerse experience with Google Maps. Here’s a quick summary of some of the features you’d expect to see soon:
1. Offline mapping – You can now access high resolution maps offline via your Android phone. Simply go online and download the map of the place you plan to visit. It will then be saved for you to access whenever you like even without any internet connection.
2. 3D Google Earth maps – Apart from 3D map images coming out of your smartphone screen, it also has a Tour Guide feature that allows users to take a virtual tour on popular places and attractions of the location you wish to see.
3. Street View for nature trails – This popular feature will add more locations outside the streets such as hiking and nature trails.
Google has revealed its revolutionized Google Maps just a week prior to Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference where the company plans to unveil its own 3D mapping service, probably to preempt Apple’s plan to replace Google Maps on its iOS devices upon the announcement of iOS 6. Online sources predict that this replacement will deal some considerable damages on Google. Google expects the new features will be available to about 30 million users in major cities and communities in the next several weeks to both iOS and Android devices. Offline Google Maps for Android will support all devices using Android 2.2 and up. Details for the 3D mapping will be announced at a later date.

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