Google New 3d motion sensor Handset & Project Tango: Read all about it

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Say hello to Project Tango. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group and Johnny Lee (formerly of Microsoft Kinect team) are the brains behind this project.

It’s a 5-inch smartphone prototype containing customized hardware with Kinect-like 3D sensors alongside a software designed to track full 3D motion while simultaneously creating a map of the environment. What sets it apart from other 3D sensing devices is that it users the Myriad 1 vision processor from Movidius that allows for advanced motion and depth tracking that conserves a lot of power.

It uses the Android platform including APIs to provide position, orientation and depth data to standard Android applications in Java language as well as Unity Game Engine. As of now the algorithms and APIs are still in active development so the device is not yet suitable as a final product for shipping.

Limited developers who have access to the prototype say that the handset could enable enhanced indoor navigation and immersive gaming among other things.

Currently, the project have 200 prototype dev kits. The team is still looking for professional developers that can help to discover more possibilities concerning the project. If have bold, creative and specific ideas, you may apply to be able to get a hold of 1 dev kit for yourself. The units are expected to roll out by March 14.

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