Google’s new search algorithms copyrights laws

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Google pretty much monopolizes the “search” information industry because of the efficiency of their results when something needs to be searched online. They have developed over 200 signals to makes sure that their algorithms deliver the best results that we desperately need for our everyday lives. They have started to develop a new signal in their rankings: valid copyright removal notices which they receive on each site. Google wants to provide its users more legitimate sources with quality content. This is possible by making the sites with high numbers of removal notices appear lower in the SERP. 

For people who give time and effort to compose articles and gather information, this is a good play for Google. The copyright those people possess will get them the ranking and the audience that is rightly for them. This has been dogging Google for a long time. It took a step to answering this call for originality and quality. They have received more than 4.3 million URLs for copyright removal notices (made under DMCA) for the last 30 days. That data will be used in their new search rankings. This is good news to copyright advocates like the MPAA and the RIAA but it makes others uneasy. There are challenges to this decision. Some sites may unjustly be put down. 

Google cannot decide and determine which webpages have violated the copyright law and which did not. The amounts of removal notices will determine the SEO of the sites and they will only remove pages if they receive a valid copyright removal notice from the owner. That said, pages that will be removed can still be reinstated. Google has “counter-notice” tools that give webmasters the chance to make appeals and have their site be on the SERP again.


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