GoPro Hero3 Cameras Release & Price

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GoPro, a popular brand for digital cameras that are small and durable enough to withstand the harsh outdoors, especially for action photographers, has yet another new camera to show off for all the fans, the Hero3. If you thought the other GoPro cameras were small, the Hero3 takes it to a whole new level, being 30% smaller and 25% lighter than the Hero2. 

For specifics, it’s just about 20mm thick without its plastic case. However, don’t let that fool you- the Hero 3′s Black Edition, carrying a 12MP shooter, has all the power of cinematic models with a max of 4K resolution. However, the drawback is that all that quality comes at a dismal 12fps. Of course, you can opt for something a little faster though, such as 2.7K with 30fps or 1440p with 48fps and 4:3 ratio. Aside from the Black Edition, the Hero3 also sports two other models for those who aren’t interested in such huge shots or would like something more budget-friendly. The 5MP White Edition, the lowest of the Hero3 models, is capable of 1080px and 960px at 30fps and 720 at 60fps. Meanwhile, the 11MP Silver Edition is a solid middle between Black and White, offering 1080px at 30fps, 960 at 48 and 720 at 60. 

In addition, all three models carry WiFi, and are compatible with the GoPro WiFi Remote and smartphone app, although only the Black version actually has them included in the bundle. This remote is waterproof to 10ft deep, and is capable of controlling up to 50 cameras within a range of 600ft. The Hero3 Black Edition is priced at $399.99 (BHD 151), with the Silver Edition at $299.99 (BHD 114) and the White Edition at $199.99 (BHD 76) and will release come October 22.

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