Dubai’s GrubTech raises $2 million

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Dubai-based restaurant and cloud kitchen management platform GrubTech has raised $2 million in a seed round, it announced today. The startup did not share the names of the investors but said that the investment came from ‘the region’s industry captains’ and family offices.

Founded less than a year ago by Al Tayer Group’s former SVP of OmniChannel Mohamed Al Fayed and tech entrepreneur Mohamed Hamedi, GrubTech is a SaaS platform for restaurants and cloud kitchens that helps them streamline their operations.

According to its website, its end-to-end solution comes with an omnichannel Point of Sale, integration with food aggregators, third-party logistics providers, POS and ERP systems, an ‘interactive’ kitchen display system, multi-brand menu and recipe management, commercial and operational reporting and analytics, marketing capabilities that allow restaurants to segment customers and manage digital media campaigns, and a customer management portal.

The startup in a statement said that one of their main products, GrubOne automatically deploys menus across various channels and automate order capture from food aggregators into a unified and easy to manage dashboard.

Its software according to its website works on any Android device and it takes between 2 to 48 hours to set up a location, depending on the size of the menu.

GrubTech does not have any pricing details on its website.

In a statement, the startup said that it is in process of implementing its solution in over 100 restaurants including international franchises operating in the region and different cloud kitchen operators.

GrubTech’s co-founder and CEO Mohamed Al Fayed has previously launched and grew omnichannel websites for different international brands including Gap while he was working for Al Tayer. He had also set up the luxury brands marketplace Ounass.

Commenting on the occasion, he said, “GrubTech’s vision is to revolutionize the landscape of the foodservice industry by offering the best technology to let anyone start, run and scale their food business online in the fastest way possible. GrubTech is built from the ground up, keeping the restaurant and food delivery business in mind. It uses the latest frameworks and technology stacks for catering to a wide range of scenarios and clients.”

“We are currently focusing on the MENA region thanks to its unique customer metrics such as highest order per capita and a large F&B footprint. But given GrubTech’s easily scalable technology we certainly intend on entering key markets in South East Asia, Latin America and Europe by 2021,” he added.

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