gScreen TITAN M1 (Dual Screen Laptop)

INTEL CORE 2 QUAD QX9300 processor, 4GB ram, 500GB drive and is built to MIL-STD 810F standards.
Stay tuned for new pictures of our TITAN-M1 or join our mailing list on the gScreen home page for product updates. 

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  1. Go see how easy it is to get your desktop out somewhere, say on a excursion for work related purposes that require you to need a PC. Now, unpack your tower, (desktop) both of your monitors, (assuming you have two) your mouse and keyboard, and finally, find at least 3 available electrical sockets to plug into.

    Now try this scenario. Unzip bag, pull out dual screened laptop. Find (if you need to) a single electronic socket. I’d say portability… proven.

    For people that need portability, and are frustrated with having to set up an additional screen while out on the road, this is perfect. Minimizes wires, and a smaller workspace is needed. If needs be you could use this on your lap. Unless your a weak-breasted-nancy-boy like c4rl, who apparently cant handle 11 lbs.

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