Hacked Kinect & Sony Move: Super Controller

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Now days gaming has evolved to being more interactive compared to the days when we use to get the hang out of Atari’s and even Nintendo’s. One of the critical components that dictate our play is the controller. In this age, having an innovative console controller could defy how we do and view gaming and such can be said to Mad Genius’ creation.

For starters, the company has developed a motion-controlling gamepad that has superb precision. The controller can even be separated into two (2) portions when one is playing a game.

What sets it apart is that it doesn’t utilize accelerometers or cameras to track gamer/player movements. Its precision is down to 1/100 of an inch which is dead precise in controlling characters, weapons and game menus. It’s also flexible as it can be used to any game console for any game.

The early prototype developed by Mad Genius still has a lot of wires connected to it. As demonstrated in the game Skyrim (see video below), the controller allowed full 3D controls and sensed the jumps, moves and ministrations done by the player.

Mad Genius is planning to launch it on Kickstarter in order to source out the necessary funds for the undertaking. No word as to when production will start and its availability. The company though assured that the final or end product to be shipped will be completely wireless.

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