Hisense T770 3DTV

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Quality time with your family may always include watching soap operas, television series and movies together. You are not always given the time to be with them so spending time with your loved ones should be done with the highest enjoyment and bonding levels possible. Take your viewing experience to a higher level with the latest high definition three-dimensional television from Hisense. Manufactures that create high definition TVs usually put the viewing devices at high rates. Let us just say that the Hisense T770 thin-bezel 3D TVs are reasonably priced starting at $800 (BHD 302) for 42-inch and $1200(BHD 453) for 52-inch screens compared to other leading brands. 

Hisense also made it a point to produce television units that will fit the budget of regular customers without taking for granted the image quality. The two previously mentioned units come in 7mm bezels and 1080p liquid crystal displays for the enjoyment of the whole family. Other features also include LED lights, 120 hertz refreshing rates and active shutters (3D). Online streaming and data transfers are also possible with T770’s Wi-Fi capabilities and universal serial bus ports. Electronic consumers may prefer this TV for the sake of being practical. Hisense T770 will hit the market shelves in early 2013.

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