Hotmail Redesigned with Metro look

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For those who remained loyal in using Hotmail over the years for their email, consider Microsoft’s refurbishment of it a thank you gift. 

The move sure is an upbeat as Microsoft is touted to redesign the Hotmail email platform. However, there is no evidence that points to Microsoft actually starting the dirty work for the development. This all changed when WinFuture as well as shared some leaked photos over the web on Microsoft’s new pet project. As seen on the photos shared on both site, Hotmail’s redesigned look has a touch of Metro on it. We all know that Metro is Microsoft’s new user interface (UI) for the upcoming Windows 8. 

Moreover, it seems that the Hotmail name would be ditched as Newmail will be adopted for the email’s new name. For now, it is still unclear whether Newmail would entirely be the new name or if it will only be Hotmail’s transitional name. Hotmail’s Metro look still needs a lot of work at it seems to be unfinished and there’s word that some features are either missing or are not working properly. At the moment, there are no details if the redesigned look would be rolled out for the million Hotmail users. The enhancement to Hotmail if it really pushes through is a welcome gesture for users as this brings in a refreshing new look for the email platform.

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