How to Hide Icons on Blackberry Home Screen

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Icons on your Blackberry desktop are there to make your experience using Blackberry device easier. But you will find it annoying if you have too much icons on your Blackberry desktop. Or for another reasons, you don’t want the icons appear in your Blackberry desktop. If deleting the icons is not your choice, then you might want to hide them.

To hide the icon:
1. Scroll to the icon you want to hide with the trackball.
2. Press the Blackberry Menu button.
3. Choose to the “Hide” option on the Blackberry Menu Button and the icon will disappear.

To bring the icon back:
1. Press the Blackberry Menu button again.
2. Press the Show All Button. A transparent version of hidden icon will appear.
3. Scroll to transparent icon and press the Blackberry Menu button again.
4. Click the “Hide” again.The icon will no longer be hidden.
Uncheck the “Show All” button to hide all your hidden icons.

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