How To Remove Facebook Timeline

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We have seen a lot of changes happening to Facebook just recently the new Facebook Timeline was introduced. For those who are not yet happy about Facebook Timeline. It is possible to bring back the old interface back and disable Timeline. Usually, when you visit a website, your browser sends an identification code that is commonly referred to as “user agent.” This allows the site to know what type of browser you are using. This goes the same with Facebook. So when you visit the Facebook Timeline page with an IE7 browser, you will be shown the old Facebook page because Facebook has not created an IE7 version of Timeline that works with IE7.

If you want to disable Facebook Timeline and bring your old interface back, then simply follow the following steps:

Go to the Facebook developer page and click Edit app
Click the “delete app” in the left sidebar
Once deletion has been confirmed, then your Facebook Timeline will now be disabled.
With various changes happening to Facebook, we cannot avoid the fact that there will be some people who will be happy with the changes and there will also be some that are not happy at all. The new Facebook Timeline might be a good and cool new feature, but can also make your profile page quite complicated that you would want to return

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