HP Smartwatch Gilt- Overviews

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HP is expected to release its flagship smartwatch outlined by fashion designer Michael Bastian. It will support both iOS and Android platform similar with Microsoft’s rumored smartwatch, but this one will be sold exclusively via Gilt online store. The concept suggests a circular form with a stainless steel case that measures 44mm. Its external features include a brown leather, black rubber, olive green nylon and it comes with swappable bands.

The round shaped smartwatch has a sporty yet elegant appearance since it’s based on the design of luxury automobiles. Like other wearable devices, HP Smartwatch lets users control music, email notifications, text and calls including time and data indicator in the background. The watch can be controlled through companion apps instead of the device itself which is a feature similar with Pebble. The company has yet to reveal its price but pundits are expecting it will be tagged higher than other wearables from companies like Samsung, Sony and Motorola. Interested buyers may register on the source link below pointing for a release this quarter.

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